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Little Prince Flip Doll

Thanks to a customer commission, we have a new doll: The Little Prince!  The one shown has gone to a new home, but I still have the pattern I designed, should someone else like to order one.  The other two photos show the dolls I have on hand.  Sadly, we won’t be doing the South of the James Market this summer due to other time demands.  However, if you would like to purchase some of our dolls or creatures, send an email, text, or call!  See the contact tab for numbers and address.


Teaching Textiles, and Christmas Market


I had a great time teaching a textile class to my sister’s drawing class in October! She did a two week project with them, and I was privileged to assist on four days the first week. Each high school student designed their own 8″ image, then created it in fabric on a colored 12″ felt backing. Of the 45 kids, maybe one or two had done any previous hand stitching. At the end of the fortnight there were 45 amazingly original, colorful, and fun creations, and 45 very pleased kids! Did I mention we were dealing with a class of 45?! I can’t believe how attentive they were!

So that’ the first photo above – me and my dear sister and fellow Dan Springer,  Donna Mercer. The other pictures are new dolls and creatures that will be with me tomorrow at the Covenant Woods Christmas Market – noon til 7 pm. Grab your winter coat and come on by!

To Market, To Market!

Tomorrow is the next to last day that Dan Springs Collection will be at the South of the James Market in Forest Hill Park – hope you can come by! We’ve had two new items added since my last post here. The first is the excellent doll bed crafted by my amazing brother! It’s sized for the pocket dolls and flip dolls and comes in several colors, with or without bedding. The second is the Goldilocks and the Three Bears flip doll! This makes three story dolls that we offer, along with Red Riding Hood and Alice and the White Rabbit. You can see photos of the last two in earlier posts.

The 5 1/2″ small doll has been our best seller this summer, and in response to a request early this year I’ve drafted a pattern.  It’s available at our Market stall, and also from Marty Moon of Early Times Workshop.  The little dolls are good accompaniments to the quilt pattern by Karen Dumont of Karie Patch, Pick a Pocket…or Two!

Happy Autumn to all of you (in the northern hemisphere!)!

Children and Dolls

Sadly, I forgot my camera last week in the scramble to do two markets – South of the James in Forest Hill Park and Midlothian Mines!  It was a cool day, but fun!  A two market day doesn’t happen again for us until the first Saturday in August.  Check out the Calendar tab to see where we’ll be when. This coming Saturday we’ll be at Forest Hill – come on out!!

Meanwhile, check out this blog by a pediatric occupational therapist on why kids, even boys, should play with dolls. Lots of things you’ve probably thought of, maybe a few you haven’t.

Market Season Opens!

Markets this Saturday!  And yes, that’s plural – Dan Springs Collection will be at South of the James in Forest Hill Park from 8am-noon, and at Midlothian Mines Market near the Midlothian Library from 2pm-5pm.  Hope you can come out and join us!

Custom Doll

Sometime in the Summer of 2011 a woman who used to live in my neighborhood approached me at the South of the James Market and asked if I might be able to make a doll for her. Her mother, who was a nurse, many years ago made a doll and a complete nurses outfit for it.  Unfortunately, the doll was loved to disintegration. However, the outfit survived and she wanted a doll for her mother that the clothes would fit.

We talked about it on several occassions, then this fall she brought me the dress, we looked a several options, and established a target of Thanksgiving for completion.  I made a test doll, which worked great. So finally several weeks ago I delivered the finished doll.  Over the holiday she gave it to her mother, who was very pleased, and they sent me a photo of the doll all dressed up!

What fun!

Tiny Tins and Pocket Dolls

Hoorah! Generous friends and quilters have given me some of their empty Altoid tins, so we have more tiny creatures in their tin homes for Market on Saturday! I’ll also be bringing a new gathering of pocket dolls and small dolls. Hope to see you in Forest Hill Park for Dan Spring’s last South of the James day for the year. The Market will continue thru the first weekend in December, but we’ll be in the toasty warm studio!