If you would like to schedule a workshop, class, or lecture give Cathy Tyler a call at (804) 387-1052; e-mail at; or write to her at Dan Springs Traditional Arts Preservation Program, 573 Pantela Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23235.

Our gift items are individually crafted and best viewed in person.  However, if you see one of our gifts on this site that you’d like to have, give us a holler and we’ll send you ordering info.

Alternately, attend one of our market dates shown on the calendar tab, or e-mail with questions.  From time to time we take commissions that pique our interest and challenge our talents.


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi, I remember your dolls from SOTJ farmers market. I’d like to see some of the topsy turvy dolls you might have for sale. I’d be most interested in purchasing some Little Red Ridinghood dolls or Alice. Do you still make these for purchase? They are so original and they would make the perfect gift paired with the storybook!
    Shari Bell

  2. Shari, I’ve sent you an email, but in case you haven’t seen it, I still sell my dolls. You can see upcoming events under the Calendar tab on this site. I also take orders via email or phone.

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