Change in Direction

Those of you in the Richmond, Virginia area may have noticed that Dan Springs Collection was not at the South of the James Market last summer. The decision was made in January of last year due to family health considerations and a desire to move in some other direction. Which direction was that?! I spent more time on watercolor painting, both in the studio and plein air, but I’m vaguely missing my dolls.

In an effort to stay in touch with them, I’m working on formalizing the patterns. Tucked away in the studio closet are envelopes of all sizes, one for each doll, with rather ragged pattern pieces and scawled notes. Published patterns are available for the Small Doll and the Wee Doll in a Tin. On the work table now are the flip dolls/story dolls: girl flip doll, boy flip doll, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Alice and the White Rabbit, Superman/Clark Kent, and the Little Prince and the Fox! Any interest? May need to shoot some technique videos…Stay tuned!


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