At the Spring, Brush Creek

Last week I was in the Smoky Mountains at Dan Springs!  Water’s flowing strongly – always a good sign.  Last Spring the oak tree above the spring didn’t leaf out, so in the fall my cousins arranged to have it taken down.  We were all a little nervous that the spring might be impacted, but all is well!  All the mountain laurel conceals the stump, allowing the sign to peek thru.

When the tree was cut up, an old bee gum was discovered!  Cousin Fred saved a section that shows some of the comb.  The bees had been gone for awhile – perhaps they moved down the road to Arnold’s bee hives!  Unfortunately Arnold’s high count of 55 hives, several years ago, has been decimated by bears and recent rough winters. He only has 5 left.


One response to “At the Spring, Brush Creek

  1. Oh no – is that the end of Arnold’s honey biz? How sad that his thriving hives are down to 5.

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