South of the James Market Opening

It was a beautiful day in Forest Hill Park! The South of the James Market had great attendance all the way from 8 am opening til noon closing! I wasn’t sure how well we’d do, since Arts in the Park is also this weekend, and Obama was speaking downtown. The turnout was excellent! I was pleased to see my faithful customers, enjoyed the company of daughter Julia and a visit from hubby. Sales were good! Back to the studio for a couple of weeks to make those red riding hood dolls, and maybe some gnomes…


2 responses to “South of the James Market Opening

  1. Cathy, these dolls are absolutely magical. They stopped me in my tracks when I saw them. I saw the Mimi Kirchner doll patterns you based them on and her dolls don’t even compare. You’ve taken her pattern and soared with it. You just look into the faces of these dolls and it’s so clear they are good friends and will be deserving of a lifetime of love. My girls named the big ones (one of the ones pictured here!) Lucy and Helen and the little ones are Ginger and Rosemary. My girls (ages 8 and 11) have been completely enchanted by them all afternoon. They made cardboard sleds with string lap belts for the little ones to sled down the back of the futon. I feel like magic just enter our house. Thank you for these stunning beautiful dolls with lovely faces and the most fabulous fabrics and clothes.

    • Wendy, I’m so glad they like the dolls, and I’m glad you told me which ones are named what! I love the photo you sent of your girls and the dolls! Hope to see you again at Market!

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