Visit to the Spring

Here’re photos from my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, where 77 years ago my grandparents built a summer house! The Mountain House, which draws its water from a spring above the house, sits across Brush Creek from Dan Springs. So when we’re there, we always visit the namesake of our Collection to see how it fares. Thanks to abundant rain this spring and early summer, it was flowing well when we were there earlier in July.

Daughter Julia and grandkids Eli and Lily looked for salamanders, then Eli filled the thermos and he and his mom carried it back to the House. Thanks to a storage tank installed several years ago, we have plenty of water even when the rains are spotty, but the fresh cold Dan Springs water is the best!

Thanks in part to all of you who have supported the Dan Springs Collection, we have a new metal roof on the house! So no waking to raindrops on my nose this visit. And this month vinyl siding is going on the back and end walls that catch the weather and refuse to hold paint.  Time to get busy making more dolls!


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