A Visit with Degas

Recently I did a program for the memory wing of Covenant Woods, Grace Gardens, on Edgar Degas.  I gave a brief lecture, showed slides of his works, and then we did an activity.  This is the second time we’ve scheduled our class for the morning instead of the afternoon, and it works much better. 

For the assisted living folks, I had them trace one of Degas ballerinas and then color it with pastels, similar to some of Degas’ own techniques.

For this group, however, we’ve found it works better if they have more to start with.  So they’re pieces were copies of a tracing done earlier, and they spent a pleasant time coloring them in as they felt appropriate.

You can see from our gallery the variety!  The middle bottom image is Degas ballerina, our inspiration.  The bottom right was done by Megan, the Covenant Woods staff person working with us.


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