T-shirt Qwillow

Christy's Quilt

Always satisfying to have a happy customer!  I made this qwillow of childhood t-shirts for a friend of my sister’s, for her son.  Usually 12 t-shirts will make a nice size quilt, but she had 24!  So we put them on the back and the front, as well as some pieces on the pocket.  To be sure the small border lined up front and back, so the quilting would look good, I put pins thru all three layers at the corners of the small border.  Had to work with it a bit, but eventually back and front positioning matched. 

If you haven’t made a t-shirt quilt before, the trick is to fuse lightweight iron-on interfacing to the backs of the t-shirt designs you plan to use.  It makes them easier to handle and stitch.  I was very pleased with the way this one came out!


One response to “T-shirt Qwillow

  1. looks great! I love my T-shirt quilt :).. soo cozy and enjoying the memories this way is much better than walking around in T-shirts all the time

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