A Visit with Mary Cassatt

 Last week the assisted living ladies at Covenant Woods and I visited with Mary Cassatt, and yesterday I took the same program to the memory wing.  As with our other ‘Visits’, I gave a brief talk on Cassatt’s life, followed by a slide show of her works, and an activity based on one of her pieces.  Photos above show our activity yesterday. 

I found early in this series that with these audiences, attempting to draw an original piece in the artist’s style meets with minimal success.  We’re all much happier copying from a work. 

For the Alzheimers and dementia ladies I go a step further and do a sketch for them, and they have the original artwork for reference.  This is what we were doing yesterday. 

Mary Cassatt exhibited with the Impressionists in Paris in the late 1800’s and is best known for her evocative paintings and pastels of mothers with their children.  Tho she never married or had children of her own, she was very close to her family thoughout her life.  She was strongly influenced by the Japanese woodblock prints that were popular in Europe and her prints done in a similar manner are highly valued.  It was one of these prints we were working from, ‘Feeding the Ducks’, done in 1895.


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