While it’s cold outside I’ve been working on warm creatures for our Collection!  The amigurumi crocheted dragon twins, Clayton and Cedric, are made from the Baby Snow Dragon pattern, with wings added.  Hambone is a sock interpretation of my own design, inspired by the Snow Dragons.

Chattwick, the chatty dragon with the really long tail, is another amigurumi crochet pattern for a Fierce but Really Friendly Dragon.  Plans are to give this a try with socks as well.  Stay tuned, they may come to market with Dan Springs in May!


2 responses to “Dragons!

  1. What does amigurumi mean? The dragonness or the crochetness or the Japaneseness? Very cuddly looking – are they filled with pillow stuff?

  2. Amigurumi is a Japanese term for small, knit or crochet dolls – usually terminally cute animals. According to Wikipedia, the craze for them started around 2003. I used regular polyester stuffing for the dragons.

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