Beach Work

Market and craft shows are done for 2010, but Dan Springs sewing and experimentation continues.  Most recently at the Beach!  Fun at any time – even the first week of December, when most cottages are shuttered and the shore is deserted.  For good reason – bitter cold winds blow off the waves!  With quilting buddies and our trusty sewing machines we enjoyed the peace and quiet.  And got a lot done!  Shown above are several of the projects I worked on – gold fish, snap purses, and small memory albums!  Detail on each below.

The Gold Fish are from a new book by Brenna Maloney, Socks Appeal.  Quick, easy and fun!  I slipped some shells in a small metal Excedrin box, glued it shut, and stitched it inside the larger fish for a quick rattle. 

The Snap Happy purse is from a pattern by the Stitchin’ Sisters of Wisconsin.  Metal measuring tape is used for the closure!  I plan to use these for Christmas presents – guess what they’ll have inside!

The small albums are just the right size for Christmas tree ornaments – so I’ve made up a bunch with red fabrics and hanging ribbons. The pattern comes from the Quilting Arts Gift issue, Wee Memories by Melanie Testa.  I used what I had on hand, which was canvas for the backing and Wonder Under to fuse fabric over it.  Worked well and was easy to assemble.  Tip I learned from our local quilting store on sewing vinyl: if you don’t have a leather foot for your machine (not something I keep on hand!), put a piece of wax paper over the vinyl before you attempt to stitch over it.  In this case, I used the parchment paper backing from the Wonder Under.  My little Feather Weight stitched over that vinyl like a charm!


One response to “Beach Work

  1. i am so jealous!! time to ship gifts and i haven’t made any 😦
    i hate buying just to have something, so maybe I should just include “craft certificates” with my cookies for surprise gifting AFTER break!!

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