Thinking of the Velveteen Rabbit

The Richmond/Petersburg area will have two stage interpretations of the Velveteen Rabbit this season – Theatre IV’s The Velveteen Rabbit at the Barksdale Theatre in Willow Lawn from November 26 thru January 9; and Sycamore Rouge’s The Velveteen Rabbit, a Musical Play in Petersburg from December 3 thru 26.

With those upcoming performances as my inspiration, I’ve crafted an original rabbit for your holidays.  See the photo above of my velveteen and corduroy versions.  They’ll be available along with our other Dan Springs Collection treasures at the Laurel Meadow Elementary School Snowflake Breakfast in Mechanicsville December 11th from 8 am until noon.  Or give me a call – see contact tab for information.


2 responses to “Thinking of the Velveteen Rabbit

  1. Ooooooh! I hope Santa leaves one like the polka dot tummybunny in my stocking! What are you selling them for? These are so cute – and colorful! Maybe you could paraphrase that quote from “Velveteen”, it is something about being loved until you become real?
    happy sewing+stuffing!

    • May have to make a couple more polka dots – since Lily snagged one and it’s your pick as well! I had them all out when she came over for a visit and she played with all of them the whole time she was here! So I had to give her her choice – she wanted to take them all home. When they stopped by briefly yesterday, her first question: “Where’re the rabbits?” Grandma: “Packed away for other little girls and boys, but you have one at home.” Lily: deep sigh

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