A Visit with Van Gogh

Yesterday TAPP, Traditional Arts Preservation Program, the teaching arm of Dan Springs Collection, offered a Visit with Van Gogh for the Assisted Living residents of Covenant Woods.  As with previous artist visits, I did a brief lecture on his life, a slide show of selected paintings, and an art exercise in his style.  We use various media and techniques for our art exercies; for Van Gogh we tried fingerpaints to capture his intense colors.  I’d selected one of his landscapes as our inspiration, and one lady requested a portrait.  I wasn’t sure how that would be recieved, recalling the toddler approach of entire hand involvement.  But we all had fun, and the ladies worked daintily with their fingers, or in some cases wadded paper towel to preserve recent manicures.  Here’s a quick video as the hour was wrapping up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrF30XVgJhI


2 responses to “A Visit with Van Gogh

  1. The ladies did a good job! What kind of paint – tempera? It looks like the paper could have been heavier so it wouldn’t ripple so much. You might even try a brightly colored card stock paper so even where they don’t paint is also colorful 🙂

  2. We were using finger paints, so I got the fingerpaint coated paper, but it does wrinkle. I’ll try some colored card stock before next Thursday’s class and see how that does. Thanks for the suggestions!

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