New Dolls

Here’s the newest group of dolls, several of which have already gone to new homes.  I love making these treasures, almost as much as I love watching children love them! 

One unfortunate dolly has a disfigured eye, which I attempted to camoflage with eyelashes. My discerning customers, however, have not been fooled.  So now she’s my model of the well dressed pocket doll’s wardrobe: pantaloons, dress, apron with pocket and small doll!

Dan Springs Collection will be back at the South of the James Market next Saturday, August 21st.  Watch for more bears, dolls and fairies!


2 responses to “New Dolls

  1. I love the red-haired, green-eyed doll!! Bet she sold in a flash!! How was yesterday’s market? Are you selling any extra clothes or has that not been a request?

  2. I think all but one of these dolls are gone – the black haired one with the blue checked apron. Redhair/green eyes didn’t last long! I haven’t tried selling just the clothes – still trying to keep up with making the dolls!

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