Repurposed Books

Sometimes it takes awhile to understand why I’m collecting something.  I’ve been attracted for a long time to vintage postcards, particularly ones from the Smoky Mountains.  After all, that’s were ‘Dan Springs’ comes from!

In the March/April 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors there’s a great article by Jeannine Stein on making books from repurposed materials – postcards!!  But you needed ‘book cloth’.  ??  what to do?  Then I came across a video by Anna Hawthorne on how to make your own book cloth!  You need fabric (got that) and wonder under (always some on hand!). 

So yesterday I put the two together and I’m very pleased with the results!  I used some of my vintage postcards and plain cardstock for the covers; cereal boxes covered with old dictionary pages and printed cardstock for the backs; home made book cloth; and pages cut down from a large sketch book.  I stitched the pages into the covers using black waxed beading thread I had on hand.

These probably won’t make it to the market, as they’re destined for our upcoming Mountain Art Retreat.  But maybe one day soon!

Check out Jeannine Stein’s blog for more info on repurposed books and lots of videos.  Also, you can order the March/April 2010 Cloth Paper Scissors, if you missed it on the newstand.


One response to “Repurposed Books

  1. great recycling! I tried to repurpose a t-shirt into a halter dress for Whit today but had to interrupt myself for the PEO lunch meeting.

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