Classes – O’Keeffe and Sewing Intro

With all the recent snow in the central Virginia area, the Intro to Sewing that was scheduled for several middle school girls did not happen.  However, I have the class ready, should another opportunity arise.  You can see in the first photo above the booklet for the one hour class.  We’d planned to make a pillow case, and I also included  patterns for a drawstring bag and tomato pin cushion that they could work on independently.

Despite the weather, we were able to go ahead with the Visit with Georgia O’Keeffe with the Covenant Woods assisted living ladies, and had great fun!  After a short lecture and slide show on her life and work, we copied her Red Mesa piece in water color.  Some of the results did not closely approximate the model, which was OK – we had a good time!


2 responses to “Classes – O’Keeffe and Sewing Intro

  1. That activity with the residents of the assisted living facility is praiseworthy. Our loved ones need such programs to boost their self-esteem, which they really need at that stage of life. Keep up the good works.

  2. Looks like they loved the experience – and their results are charming as well!

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