North Carolina Markets

The Market Phenomena is alive and well in western North Carolina.  I took some of the Collection with me on vacation, thinking to do the Bryson City Saturday morning tailgate market.  Then I read in a local paper that there was one even closer to our Mountain House on Friday’s from 3-7 PM – at the old Rickman Store.  So I did that one as well!  I enjoyed meeting the vendors from the area, and had reasonable sales. 

Rickman’s Store was run by the same family for years, until the original proprietor was in his 90’s.  He finally sold out five or so years ago and the building went thru two owners.  In 2007 it was purchased by the Tennesee Valley Land Trust to enthusiastic community acclaim and has become a center of Cowee Creek activities.  Everything about the building and the market has a welcome mountain feel to it. Here’s a link to a short video: If you’re in the area, check it out.

Bryson City Market on Saturday morning was very casual with maybe 10 vendors – mostly produce.  When I got there around 8 am there was only one vendor set up in the generous shade of an old oak tree, and it was a woman I’d met last year!  Joan Glover of Sleep Hollow Farm – fresh brown eggs “laid with pride”, handcrafted gourds, homemade luffa soap, and much more!  Joan turned me on to the Appalacian Grown Local, part of the Appalacian Sustainable Agriculture Project:  They have an excellent map of local growers and tailgate markets as well as an informative free booklet with more details.

A bit later a photographer set up, who’s day job is working the Marianna Black Library.  I’d met her when getting my library card last summer.  And turns out a fully stocked produce stand across from me with a constant stream of customers was a family related to a decon at Dan Springs Church, just up from our House. 

Life in the Mountains!


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